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Physical Agent Modalities

Michelle Cameron offers courses of varying lengths on physical agent modalities for physical therapists and other rehabilitation professionals. She developed a 2-weekend, 30-hour program  to meet licensing Board requirements which covers the use of both superficial physical agent modalities and deep physical agent modalities. Most of her current programs are shorter and cover more specific applications of physical agents such as electrical stimulation for facial paralysis or electrical stimulation for critically ill patients.


Falls and Imbalance in Multiple Sclerosis

This course reviews the research on the incidence, risk factors and causes of falls in people with MS to develop practical multidisciplinary clinical interventions to prevent falls in MS.

Clinical Cannabis for the Healthcare Provider

This course discusses the pharmacology, uses, benefits, risks and local regulations for clinical cannabis. We discuss the evidence for the use of cannabis for the management of chronic pain, insomnia, multiple sclerosis symptoms and seizures and provide information regarding cannabis mechanisms of action, side effects, risks and access.


Other programs available upon request


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